Fear. Trust.

It’s Saturday. A hurricane has struck and another is quickly approaching. Wildfires are raging. The world is crying. Fear can often sweep the sense right out of us and leave us gasping in desperation.

Locally, 5 little girls died in a home fire. Pain that sweeps through and again rages tracks of salt down our faces as we can’t stop the feelings from flowing by just reading words on a phone.

This world is so full of fearful, painful. Things that we can’t control. Things that spin out of our grasp.

This last week has been hard, deeply hard. With physical issues, a dog emergency, stress, anxiety and yes, even a panic attack or two.

I’ve had customers and family members drop fear bombs. Words bundled together that do not speak of peace that surpasseth understanding. Fear bombs of conspiracy, and words that I will not repeat. Like, I said, it’s been a hard week.

Many years ago I was dealt heavy blows, and I had a choice to make.

Did I trust God or not?

Did I trust in Him. The one who held me and everyone else in the vast palms of His hands.

Was I alone on this planet? Alone here to deal with the tragic, the scary, the unexplainable?

Was I alone to face the depth of the storm?

No, I was not. I am not.

It is so easy for us to forget, to become so completely focused on the fear that is riding inside our brains that we forget.

We forget that we are not alone. Not only is our Father, the KING OF KINGS. Our ABBA. Our EL SHADDAI. Our JEHOVAH-JIRE. Our JEHOVAH-ROPHE.

He is ALWAYS with us. Which makes us NOT ALONE.

But there are millions, billions, tons of other people on this planet feeling the same things we do. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

In the midst of fear, I pray that we can remember. Remember that we are not alone. Remember that God is with us.

My God. Our God. Is BIGGER. And I, WE, have nothing to fear.

We already know how the story ends, our job is to live our lives in praise of God. Live our lives serving the One who has already conquered. The One who loves us beyond measure.

We have nothing to fear. We just TRUST. And move forward.



A Black Sheep Shop


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