Happy Thanksgiving! Black Friday! Shop Small Saturday!

Today is Thanksgiving! We aren’t sure where this month or even this year has gone, but wow, it’s zipped right past us!

This is A Black Sheep Shop’s first Thanksgiving and we wanted to take the time to tell each and every one of you that we are thankful to you, our customers.

You’ve graciously welcomed us into the community and each and every time you choose to shop with us, means another hour, day, month, that we stay open. Without you the doors couldn’t stay open.

So, thank you, deep, heartfelt thanks. Thank you for shopping small, for supporting local and for loving God with your all. It’s a blessing to see the joyous love of God flow through the veins of so many in our community. You make our day every time a Bible is purchased and the Word of God walks out into the open wide spaces.

You all astound and bless us. May your Thanksgiving be wonderfully blessed to overflowing.

As for Black Friday, to answer some questions we’ve been asked about whether or not we’d be doing specials or not.

We will be open on Friday and yes we will have some weekend specials for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!

Our Friday and Saturday hours will be the same as normal: Friday 11am-6pm and Saturday: Noon-5pm

The SALES will range from 10%-75% OFF select items. We will have a printout of the different things on sale, and there will also be sections of goodies tagged and ready for you to peruse.

Some of the things that will be on sale are: Boxed Christmas Cards, Candles, Books, DVD’s, Jewelry, Journals and so much more! We hope you’ll join us for Black Friday and Shop Small Saturday!

Blessings and again, Happy Thanksgiving,


Echo, Alberta, Brian and Jo Lynn

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