The Kalanguya Tribe in the Philippines

From November to December we will be supporting the raising of funds for Bibles for the Kalanguya tribe in the Philippines. Below is more information taken from the GoFundMe page. We not only encourage you to go check out the page for yourself, make a donation, we will also have a container on the counter to be filled with donations that in January we will 100% donate. xo

“Of the many tribes of people living in mountain villages of the Philippines, the Kalanguya tribe of more than 50,000 had never been exposed to the Christian Gospel until the mid 1960’s when missionary families began living among them. Our family moved to a Kalanguya village in 1967 under New Tribes Mission, now called ETHNOS360. . .”


Watch a video about the Kalanguya Tribe

“. . . Your gifts will enable the Kalanguya Christians to have the ENTIRE Bible printed for the FIRST time in the Kalanguya language.   THANK YOU for considering giving to this project!

The cost to print the entire Bible for the Kalanguya Christian Churches, in the Kalanguya language, will exceed $100,000
, however, this project has been initiated to help defray those costs and jumpstart this enormous endeavor. . .”

Pop over to the GoFundMe page for more information. You can also make a tax-deductible donation at Ethnos 360.

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