2018. New Year.

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2018! Where did 2017 go?!?

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, however I’ll be back in a week or two to announce our one year anniversary plans. . .it’s going to be awesome!

For now though. . .

We, Alberta, Brian and myself, Echo, wanted to thank you all so much for your tremendous support. For shopping with us, supporting a small local business, finding our location, telling your friends and family about us. Just. Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It’s been highly encouraging to see the explosive love of God’s Word that has been expressed by each and every one of you. Every time a Bible is purchased and walked out the door we get a little giddy. It’s never a complete day without a Bible finding a forever home.

We are looking forward to another year to serve the Lord joyfully and serve our community with integrity and grace. May 2018 be abundantly blessed. xo.

God Bless.


Monday Funday

Hello everyone! It’s Monday, and I am at home as I type this taking a much needed break from inventory. 🙂

However, Jo Lynn, of Simply Gifted who co-ops with us, A Black Sheep Shop, has so graciously offered her time and energy to keep the shop open on Monday.

Soooooo for the last couple of weeks we’ve been testing the waters with this new change in schedule and have been open on Mondays. Some of you may have noticed, others may have not. But, yes, the Shop is open on Mondays.

And so, I am officially posting it up on the blog.

Our new hours for at least the Holiday season will be including Monday: 11am-6pm

The reason behind my hesitancy in putting the new hours out there are that I do not want to confuse anyone or disappoint anyone should something arise and we are not able to open the doors some Monday. But it seems to be working out quite nicely, so I thought I would announce it.

I hope your Monday is blessed, that your week is filled to overflowing with grace upon grace.




Happy Thanksgiving! Black Friday! Shop Small Saturday!

Today is Thanksgiving! We aren’t sure where this month or even this year has gone, but wow, it’s zipped right past us!

This is A Black Sheep Shop’s first Thanksgiving and we wanted to take the time to tell each and every one of you that we are thankful to you, our customers.

You’ve graciously welcomed us into the community and each and every time you choose to shop with us, means another hour, day, month, that we stay open. Without you the doors couldn’t stay open.

So, thank you, deep, heartfelt thanks. Thank you for shopping small, for supporting local and for loving God with your all. It’s a blessing to see the joyous love of God flow through the veins of so many in our community. You make our day every time a Bible is purchased and the Word of God walks out into the open wide spaces.

You all astound and bless us. May your Thanksgiving be wonderfully blessed to overflowing.

As for Black Friday, to answer some questions we’ve been asked about whether or not we’d be doing specials or not.

We will be open on Friday and yes we will have some weekend specials for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!

Our Friday and Saturday hours will be the same as normal: Friday 11am-6pm and Saturday: Noon-5pm

The SALES will range from 10%-75% OFF select items. We will have a printout of the different things on sale, and there will also be sections of goodies tagged and ready for you to peruse.

Some of the things that will be on sale are: Boxed Christmas Cards, Candles, Books, DVD’s, Jewelry, Journals and so much more! We hope you’ll join us for Black Friday and Shop Small Saturday!

Blessings and again, Happy Thanksgiving,


Echo, Alberta, Brian and Jo Lynn

Fear. Trust.

It’s Saturday. A hurricane has struck and another is quickly approaching. Wildfires are raging. The world is crying. Fear can often sweep the sense right out of us and leave us gasping in desperation.

Locally, 5 little girls died in a home fire. Pain that sweeps through and again rages tracks of salt down our faces as we can’t stop the feelings from flowing by just reading words on a phone.

This world is so full of fearful, painful. Things that we can’t control. Things that spin out of our grasp.

This last week has been hard, deeply hard. With physical issues, a dog emergency, stress, anxiety and yes, even a panic attack or two.

I’ve had customers and family members drop fear bombs. Words bundled together that do not speak of peace that surpasseth understanding. Fear bombs of conspiracy, and words that I will not repeat. Like, I said, it’s been a hard week.

Many years ago I was dealt heavy blows, and I had a choice to make.

Did I trust God or not?

Did I trust in Him. The one who held me and everyone else in the vast palms of His hands.

Was I alone on this planet? Alone here to deal with the tragic, the scary, the unexplainable?

Was I alone to face the depth of the storm?

No, I was not. I am not.

It is so easy for us to forget, to become so completely focused on the fear that is riding inside our brains that we forget.

We forget that we are not alone. Not only is our Father, the KING OF KINGS. Our ABBA. Our EL SHADDAI. Our JEHOVAH-JIRE. Our JEHOVAH-ROPHE.

He is ALWAYS with us. Which makes us NOT ALONE.

But there are millions, billions, tons of other people on this planet feeling the same things we do. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

In the midst of fear, I pray that we can remember. Remember that we are not alone. Remember that God is with us.

My God. Our God. Is BIGGER. And I, WE, have nothing to fear.

We already know how the story ends, our job is to live our lives in praise of God. Live our lives serving the One who has already conquered. The One who loves us beyond measure.

We have nothing to fear. We just TRUST. And move forward.



A Black Sheep Shop


September is HERE!

September is HERE!! And we couldn’t be more thrilled. The leaves are turning and tumbling and we saw termination dust on the mountain this morning on the way to work. So you know what that means?! Snow!!

In the meantime we are enjoying the lull before the roar. We at A Black Sheep Shop are gearing up for Christmas and holly and jolly and praising Jesus in this new season that we are entering. We hope to bring blessings to our community for our first Christmas!

If you want special orders, it’s never too soon to let us know so that we have plenty of time to bring lovely things in for you! That being said, we are going to have so much awesome in shop that I am truly excited to see what happens!

Happy September! Happy Autumn!



A Black Sheep Shop

Shop News! Simply Gifted has joined us!

Hello everyone,

It’s been close to seven months since we opened up and flung the doors wide. Full of learning curves and blessings, interesting and intriguing. It is our honor to be serving God and our community with our little shop that could.

With that being said, I have news to share with y’all!

We have opened up space in our shop for another awesome little shop, Simply Gifted, the brain child of the brilliant and delightful Jo Lynn Bozer, Queen of Whimsical Creations and Gift Baskets galore.

We remain A Black Sheep Shop with our same intentions, goals, striving towards constant integrity.

We love Simply Gifted and are happy to be working with her and her with us.

So next time you pop in, take a look at the gorgeous gift baskets, say hello to our newest member of the team, have Jo Lynn bundle up your goodies into a pretty basket. . .you get what I’m saying! 🙂

We look forward to seeing y’all soon!


God Bless,

Echo at A Black Sheep Shop


Grand Opening Giveaway!

Grand Opening Giveaway!

Hello everyone!!

Our Grand Opening is on Thursday, March 30th from 4pm-7pm!! We’ll be open all day, but the goodies, which will be super yummy!, won’t be out until around 4pm! The Mayor will be here and we’ll be cutting the ribbon at around 4:15pm!

Our Free Drawing for AWESOME goodies is set up on the Table in Store, but you’ll also be able to enter for additional entries online!! Sign up for the Giveaway >>>>

We hope that you will join us!!


A Black Sheep Shop