Christianity Today Bible Study Assortment

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The Christianity Today Study Series delves into today's vital cultural issues to get to the heart of what these topics mean to readers.

Each eight-week study is based on articles written by today's leading Christian authors and published by Christianity Today magazines. These remarkable studies foster deep, authentic, and relevant discussion that will challenge and grow any small group.

The Future of the Church examines the current and future challenges the Church faces, asking the crucial question, "How can the Church continue to engage an ever-shifting culture?"

The Bible: Irrelevant or Invaluable? is scheduled to coincide with the release of the film sequel to The DaVinci Code and takes on the hot topics of the authority, origin, and infallibility of the Bible.

Creation Care addresses the problem of how we as Christians can appropriately deal with the difficult topics of stewardship, the environment, global warming, and more.

Good Entertainment(Faith & Pop Culture) takes on a variety of topics, including:

  • The intersection of Christian faith and pop culture entertainment (for example, literature, movies/TV, and music)
  • How God can speak to us through the arts, even though it seems much of today's media messages are largely amoral
  • How Christians should deal with and discern between entertainment that is meaningful and appropriate and entertainment that is destructive and should be avoided

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