Courageous by Dina L. Sleiman

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In Courageous, Book #3 in the Valiant Hearts Series by Dina L. Sleiman, Rosalind inspired by Lady Sepphira's visions joins a group of men, women, and children as a defender of the cross, seeking to free captives from prisons near Tripoli. Convinced that marriage isn't in her future, Rosalind is determined to stick to her cause and help train and protect a group of adolescents with her friend Sir Randel Penigree. Sir Randel was raised to serve in the church, but dreams of protecting the innocent as a knight and he finds himself drawn to Rosalind as they partner to train and protect a group of young adolescents. When they face political machinations, danger, and an unknown enemy bent on their destruction, they are forced to reconsider their priorities and the very nature of the God they serve.

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