Eastgate Keeps on Singing by KD McCrite

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Life turned rocky for Carrie Lockwood  the minute she accepted the position of assistant pastor for Eastgate Church. 

The aging senior minister devotes more time to his pretty young wife than to his vocation. A trio of cantankerous senior citizens runs amok while the church board looks the other way. That’s all just another day on the job for Carrie, though. Things really go downhill when the irascible new choir director is found dead in the sanctuary... and she’s the one who has to get to the bottom of it.

When it rains, though, it pours. In Eastgate’s moment of crisis the profligate Pastor Avery is suddenly nowhere to be found. As the mystery deepens, Carrie discovers he’s been making questionable financial decisions without the approval of the church board. Is this just all coincidence? Or is it somehow all connected? The town’s police chief—who happens to be Carrie’s overbearing twin brother—demands she stay out of the way and mind her own business. What he doesn’t seem to realize is that Eastgate is her business. 

With love and faith, and her patience stretched to the breaking point, she keeps her flock on the straight and narrow during this humorous, and heartwarming homespun investigation.

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