Great Lessons & Grand Blessings by Elmer L & Ruth Towns

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Congratulations! As a grandparent, you have once again experienced the miracle of new life in your family. Being a grandparent means you are older . . . wiser . . . and that you can offer your grandchildren something invaluable: the gift of influencing them for Christ. In Great Lessons and Grand Blessings, Dr. Elmer and Ruth Towns will take you on a journey through the lives of both famous—and infamous—grandparents of the Bible.

Witness how Jacob gave his testimony to his grandsons; how Naomi faltered as a parent, but was given a second chance with her grandchild; how Noah’s sins affected his offspring’s children; and even how Paul became a spiritual teacher to Timothy. By studying the lives of biblical grandparents, you will learn some of God’s greatest lessons and grandest blessings—even if you believe you have failed in the past.

Such as:

• How to help your grandchildren claim their spiritual inheritance

• How to rescue a grandchild from ungodly influence

• How to help your grandchildren avoid becoming prodigals and . . .

• How an unfailing devotion to teaching the Scriptures to a grandchild can influence the world Your greatest gift to your grandchildren isn’t material—but spiritual. Be bold with your new calling. No matter what your past looks like, you have been given a second chance to motivate your grandchildren to greatness—for God.

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