Lifted: Devotional by Mary Theresa Fulp

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This devotional focuses on scriptural verses that offer faith, hope and love to the reader. As you read and interact with the messages, you will be lifted higher. Each one of us has a unique and special gift that God has placed inside of us to be developed and shared with the world. It is the author’s goal to help you find your gift and embrace all that God has created you to be. As you interact with the scriptural verses and personal messages in this book, you will begin to move to higher levels of self-development. When you seek God with your whole heart you will find Him and also find the good things He has for you, which are precisely the things your heart is seeking to be fulfilled and whole. God is always going to lift you higher. He is a healing God who loves to give us our heart’s desires. Mary Teresa Fulp has dedicated her life’s work to being a positive influence in the lives of others. It wasn’t until she dedicated her life to Christ that she was able to see her life’s purpose with much more clarity and vision. She wrote this devotional during a challenging time in her life. Finding herself divorced after 17 years of marriage, she knew she needed to find a renewed strength. She found her strength in God and was led to write this devotional to her children who were also needing strength and direction during a time where their life was changing in ways they had little control. Mary Teresa was reduced to her most authentic self during this time of change. Each morning she woke up to read scripture and write a spiritual message to her children. She realized that these daily scriptural messages were not only supporting her own healing, but the healing of her children and friends, who were also going through challenging times. It is her hope that this devotional will lift others up as they read, reflect and interact with the pages within.

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