Making it Right When You Feel Wronged by Jeff Wickwire

Making it Right When You Feel Wronged by Jeff Wickwire

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So, you can't quite get over it? After twenty years as a pastor, Jeff Wickwire has seen over and over again the devastating consequences of unresolved hurts-to churches and to individuals. But he has also experienced the tremendous rewards that come to those who handle offenses God's way. In Making It Right When You Feel Wronged, he leads you in an exploration of Bible characters faced with the challenge of dealing with many different offenses.

Discover how these people confronted their offenders, the consequences they faced for their actions and what Jesus taught about handling hurts. You will come away with specific steps to follow on the path toward the freedom that comes only in forgiveness, remembering that your future does not depend on what's happened to you, but on how you respond to it.

"The Christian walk is one of balance, but Jeff is a high-wire artist. Recommended reading for those of you trying to keep balance in your life."-Tommy Tenney, GodChasers Network

"Pastor Jeff Wickwire has not only explained why we should deal positively with our offenses, but he has shown us how to be free from them."-Steve and Annie Chapman

"Making instruction enjoyable is the hallmark of a great teacher. The book flows like a stream."-Tom Dooley, radio host and author

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