Naked and Not Ashamed by Dan Scott

Naked and Not Ashamed by Dan Scott

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What is the connection between spirituality and sexuality? The church's relative silence through the centuries on this subject has left many wondering if their sexual experience is separate from their spiritual experience or even a deterrent to it. As a result, many people are duped into seeing spirituality as a grab bag and sexuality as a free-for-all. With careful biblical analysis and appropriate candor, pastor Dan Scott highlights some of the fascinating links between sexuality and spiritual life:

  • Both require an intense focus on another person.
  • Both address the deep human need for intimacy.
  • Both exceed the limits of strictly rational thinking.
  • Both can help us use our imaginations in healthy ways.
  • Both are meaningful only in the context of a covenant.

Readers will discover how to integrate these two elements of their lives and allow them to powerfully enhance each other.

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