One Thousand Risks by Chad Johnson

One Thousand Risks by Chad Johnson

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Could God change the world through seemingly average, ordinary people like you and me?

One Thousand Risks is proof that Jesus can set you up to discover adventure in abundance. With an all-out-fight against comfort, fear, and living half-heartedly present, One Thousand Risks will help you know how to experience a super-powered life of spiritual significance.

Your problem is fear--mostly the fear of man, fear of failure, and fear of rejection.

In response to a dare, I began deliberately and consistently fighting fear--one tiny risk at a time, right where I was--which translated into this awkward, awesome life with Jesus.

Have you ever sensed that you were created for something grand? Something way bigger than you could pull off on your own?

You were designed to carry more power than any instrument on the planet.

What if you left the unremarkable old for life in the messy, extravagant new?

Take a risk; your Father is king of the universe.

To discover spiritual significance in the messy, extravagant new, visit http: // or http: //

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