Peg Luke's Psalm Space

Peg Luke's Psalm Space

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“Psalm Space” interprets six popular Biblical Psalms, as well as new versions of “The Lord’s Prayer,” “Kum Bah Yah,” and more. The deeply spiritual music of “Psalm Space” was created to bring soul-nourishment to the masses. Purposely written using the French Taize technique, the sound creates a calming effect and gives listeners a chance to meditate, heal, emote kindness and peace. The work is meant to inspire relaxation and restoration, whether driving home from a hectic day at work or suffering a tragic loss. 

1. Psalm 100
2. Psalm 23
3. Psalm 46
4. Psalm 62
5. Psalm 27
6. Psalm 40
7. The Lord's Prayer
8. Kum Ba Ya
9. Beautiful Savior
10. The Prayer of St. Francis

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