The Bible Stories: Esther DVD

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Esther traces the life of one of the strongest females in the Bible. When Ahasuerus, the King of Persia, becomes displeased with his wife, he banishes her and goes on a search to find a new queen. It is then that he meets Esther, who captivates the king with her charm and beauty. King Ahasuerus immediately makes Esther his queen. However, her life and the lives of all the Jews are put in jeopardy when the evil advisor Haman proposes a law that would legalize killing all the Jews in the country on a certain day. Esther must risk her life by revealing her Jewish heritage to King Ahasuerus if she is to save her people. Includes English subtitles. Dove "Family-Approved" (12+). Approx. 91 minutes.

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