The Fire, the Revelation & the Fall by Jenny L. Cote

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Weep over the fall of Jerusalem, and cheer the miraculous rise of the Church against the backdrop of murder, persecution, and the majesty of imperial Rome in The Fire, the Revelation, & the Fall by Jenny Cote, the fourth in the Epic Order of the Seven series. Finally reunited with Dr. Luke while on his third missionary journey, Paul uncovers a plot on his life and decides to travel to Jerusalem anyways, where he is arrested and imprisoned in Caesarea for 2 years. All the animals are working behind the scenes to make connections, uncover plots, and help with the formation of a New Testament. But with the rise of the infamous Emperor Nero, murder plots and power struggles are everywhere.

After months at sea, Paul arrives in Rome awaiting his trial before Emperor Nero. Peter is arrested as well and he and Paul are both sentenced to death! But the two manage to write several last letters to strengthen the church. With Nero's excesses and decisions, the old line of emperors is over with a new era of Christian emperors being ushered in! Recommended for ages 8 to 12 years.

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