The Sing Team: Sing On!

The Sing Team: Sing On!

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The Sing Team is just what you would expect from their name - a merry troupe of family and friends who are always ready to party to the glory of God. Yet with inspiration ranging from Motown to The Muppets, it’s unlike anything you’ve heard before. The ensemble is led by Brian Eichelberger, an influential songwriter in the Seattle region. The Sing Team’s tunes are filled with straightforward, joyful lyrics that celebrate God’s grace and the group’s reliance on Jesus.

Sing On!, the debut full-length LP for The Sing Team, is a record mostly made up of hymns re-arranged for the ensemble’s whimsical & diverse sound. The opener, “To God All Praise and Glory”, is a celebratory anthem that sets the tone for the colorful twists and turns showcased through the record. It ends with “In Tenderness”, a completely stripped-down rendition of the Citizens & Saints staple.

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